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Brenda van Gelder
Executive Director, I.T. Policy and Strategic Engagement
Office of the VP for IT, Virginia Tech
Program Director for eCorridors, Blacksburg Electronic Village

Andrews Information Systems Building
Suite 209A
1700 Pratt Drive (0214)
Blacksburg, VA 24061
(540) 231-1853

Ms. van Gelder’s 28 years of experience at the university include founding and directing the eCorridors program aimed at enhancing broadband quality and availability in Virginia communities. In 2009, she was appointed executive director of converged technologies for security, safety, and resilience; a group that facilitated increased collaboration and partnerships between IT and the campus police and emergency management organizations and promoted the adoption of new technologies for emergency response and incident management. Ms. van Gelder has participated as a member of a number of national working groups focused on broadband policy issues, and has directed a number of special research efforts focused on policy and regulatory issues associated with advanced telecommunications networks. Ms. van Gelder has made numerous presentations to key legislators, FCC officials, and community leaders regarding the policy issues associated with advanced network infrastructure leveraging various technologies. She has served on multi-university projects to assess resiliency and vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure for regions of Virginia in the context of disaster recovery or emergencies.

In her current role, van Gelder serves as the lead point of contact for IT-related policy development, documentation, and updates. She is also continuing her work in technology outreach and engagement as Director of the eCorridors and Blacksburg Electronic Village.† In addition, she facilitates partnerships within the university and beyond to advance regional and national technology initiatives and promote infrastructure development. †Ms. van Gelder has a Masters degree from Virginia Tech in Marketing/Business Administration.  In 2007, she was selected by EDUCAUSE as the Virginia Tech’s Fellow in the Frye Leadership Institute; and in 2014, she was a selected participant in Virginia Tech’s Executive Development Institute.