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Illinois Considers Universal Broadband Policy
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Written By Carol Ellison
February 22, 2007
Illinois Rep. Julie Hamos has introduced a bill to provide universal access to broadband services and encourage public-private partnerships across the state.

Particulars may change as the bill moves through the Illinois legislature. But, for now, it appears to strike a good balance between state and local interests by providing appropriate funding and technical assistance to local governments that, with input from local citizens, make decisions about local needs.

More specifically, it promotes the development of broadband access in three ways:

(1) by making the state’s broadband infrastructure (towers, fiber, etc.) available for lease to builders of high-speed networks.

(2) making accommodations for high-speed internet in trenches or on towers built with state funds.

(3) surveying municipalities and counties to assess their interest in developing public-private partnership plans for local community broadband. The state’s Broadband development would assist these efforts and funds would be made available from the state’s Digital Divide Elimination Infrastructure Fund.

Click here for more about the proposal.

Click here to access a copy of the bill.