Thibodeau, Patrick. "TechNet Pushes for Broadband Boost." 2002, Jan 16.,aid,79863,00.asp. Link Accessed: 2003-07-08.

Keywords: broadband, TechNet


TechNet, a California based group of senior executives representing approximately 300 companies and venture capital firms from leading technology industries (including Cisco, Mircrsoft, Intel) are pushing the White House and Congress for a national plan to guide broadband development. The general belief by the industry executives is for government lawmakers at the local, state and federal levels to strip away regulatory obstacles and provide subsidies to some of the end users of broadband technologies. While there are still issues with content and copyrights, the key problem with broadband today is the networks used to provide broadband services. According to Rick White, CEO of TechNet, today’s broadband technology is “jury-rigged from old technology” such as telephone and cable TV networks. These networks were never designed to carry broadband traffic.

TechNet wants to establish goals for connecting U.S. households to 100-megabit per second networks by 2010. This data rate far exceeds today’s broadband connections speeds (typically less than 2 megabits per second). Les Vadez, senior vice president at Intel thinks current broadband speeds are too slow to do anything new.